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Cold Header Rod Feeder

Designed to store a 2500lb bundle of rod. Feeder releases one rod at a time. After 3 rods have been released, the bundle is lowered to reset the rods as some will have become crossed during the feed process. This ensures a jam free operation, to reduce the need for the operator to intervene with production.

Our DBF systems have been a staple for our company over our 20 years of existence. Our systems include easily adjustable tooling walls, variable speed drives, high level sensors for escapements, tracks and reservoirs, and customizable tooling to fit your part needs.

AAS Card Sorting Conveyor was designed to take various styles of gift cards, hotel key cards, etc. and route them to side lanes dedicated to each card type. AAS utilized a vision system for high speed detection, and routed cards to the required lane.

AAS Standardized bearing feeder. Custom design available for various sized parts.

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