IN-line vibratory feeder


Just like bowl feeders, In-Line vibratory feeders usually feed parts into machines that cost hundreds of thousands more than the in-line vibratory feeder did. During our inspections of various facilities, we’ve discovered that some of those larger machines are only running 50-80% capacity because of the poor output of their in-line vibratory feeder.

Make sure you’re maximizing your investment. Contact us today to get an evaluation of your existing bowl feeders, and get them back to where they’re working hard for you.


If a new in-line vibratory feeder isn’t in the budget, let us help you by re-tooling your existing in-line’s to feed new product.

By reviewing the existing in-line structure, and the new part, Advanced Automation Solutions is able to design, build, and implement new tooling to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started on your quote.


Is your in-line lining wearing down? Are parts not moving at the rate they once were? Contact us today to get your in-line vibratory feeder re-lined. 

Our process includes removing the existing lining and sand blasting the frame to ensure the new lining and adhesive will have a perfect surface to adhere to. New lining will be laser cut to ensure a perfect fit.

The staple of Advanced Automation Solutions. Our vibratory inline feeders are without question the best in the industry. We have many customers who have between 10 and 100 of our vibratory feeders on their floors. Some of those feeders are nearing 20 years old. Standard maintenance on our feeders has resulted in customers getting the absolute max for their money. 

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