Bowl Feeders


Bowl Feeders usually feed parts into machines that cost hundreds of thousands more than the bowl feeder did. During our inspections of various facilities, we’ve discovered that some of those larger machines are only running 50-80% capacity because of the poor output of their bowl feeder.

Make sure you’re maximizing your investment. Contact us today to get an evaluation of your existing bowl feeders, and get them back to where they’re working hard for you.


If a new bowl feeder isn’t in the budget, let us help you by re-tooling your existing bowls to feed new product.

By reviewing the existing bowl structure, and the new part, Advanced Automation Solutions is able to design, build, and implement new tooling to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started on your quote.


Is your bowl lining wearing down? Are parts not climbing at the rate they once were? Contact us today to get your bowl re-lined. 

Our process includes removing the existing lining, sand blasting the bowl to ensure the new lining and adhesive will have a perfect surface to adhere to. New lining will be laser cut to ensure a perfect fit.

Off-Site Repair

Advanced Automation Solutions offers the above repairs off-site at Advanced Automation Solutions facility. 

Advanced Automation Solutions Mobile Repair


Not yet ready, but a solution that is on the way: Advanced Automation Solutions will be adding a Mobile Repair vehicle to our fleet. This will allow us to come on-site and provide all the above services, without the product having to leave your grounds.

Quotes will include all travel expenses.

This bowl was brought to us needing to be re-tuned, re-tooled, and re-lined. The customer has always been very conscious of repurposing old equipment when and where they can. For this project, we had to use components from 5 other bowl feeders and electrical panels to gather enough working components for this one feeder to properly function. 

When we tell potential customers that no task is too difficult, or too much of a request, this is what we’re referring to. You tell us what you want and how it needs to be done, and we will deliver.

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